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There's no excuse - Vitamins to keep your business healthy

Paul Weeden

Written by Paul Weeden

Founder & Managing Director at Foration. IT and technology fixer.

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Welcome to 2016 and with the excesses of the festive period behind us, everywhere we turn we are surrounded by the obligatory Holiday, Diet or Health promotions.

But like our poor battered bodies our businesses also need love, care and attention to ensure they work at the optimum levels. Many organisations work hard to ensure that employees stress, fatigue and wellbeing are taken care of , Why? Because this has been shown to reduce hours lost to sickness, but what about the IT that ensures the staff can work?

In this blog we look at the kind of vitamins your business may need to boost performance, stay strong and be in tip top condition.

Antivirus & Cybersecurity (Vitamin D, Calcium) - Strength and strong core

To face the perils and rigors of daily life out bodies need a strong frame. Our skeleton is robust and our bones benefit from Calcium and Vitamin D to remain strong and healthy.

Our businesses also face challenges on a daily basis, and like us, our network and technology is under attack. Whether these are from malicious DDoS attacks or malware and viruses, we need to ensure that we are strong. This can be achieved by having a robust cyber threat and security solution. From managed Anti-virus ensuring that we repel the countless viruses, to clever solutions around intrusion prevention and inspection of email, we can give our businesses the strength it needs to repel attack and build a solid and strong foundation.

  • Helps to protect the business from Viruses and other threats.
  • Keeps data and your systems safe.
  • Assists with meeting regulatory demands.

Good sources of vitamin B for business.

Vitamin B is available from all good IT Service providers and sources include:

  • Managed Antivirus & Malware Protection.
  • Intrusion Prevention and Inspection.
  • Regular health checks and reviews.
  • Cyber Security Policy.
  • Firewalls and Unified Threat protection.

How much do I need?

  • The amount of you need is increasing
  • You should be able to get all the Vitamins you need from your Service provider.
  • Vitamin B for business will require regular updating and review.

What happens if I take too little?

If you have inadequate levels this can lead to data breaches, hacks, fines and damage to your reputation including loss of clients.

IT Support (Potassium) - Lower Blood pressure

Nothing can cause a spike in blood pressure and stress levels like IT problems. In the workplace having a challenge that prevents you or your staff from working effectively can be massively frustrating. Research has shown that for SMB’s the cost for just one hour of downtime for a member of staff costs the business on average £383.

So what can your business take to prevent this rise in stress and blood pressure? IT support is the right supplement. Having expertise on hand 24 x 7 to identify and resolve challenges and often before they occur can be a smart choice.

A good support company can remove the stress, will keep you updated on any challenges and remove those niggling technology aches and pains you may have been feeling for some time. So if you’re looking for a healthy and lower blood pressure, having adequate IT support maybe a worthwhile investment.

  • Keeps frustration and stress low.
  • Ensures health of business.
  • Can ensure you keep the pounds and don't lose them.

Good sources of Potassium for Business.

Potassium is available from all good IT Support Companies:

  • All good IT support companies but especially us here at Foration.

How much do I need?

The amount of you need varies according to your business needs:

  • A good IT support company will be able to guide you, ensuring you have adequate levels of support or your business health.
  • Be sure to get the best quality support available

What happens if I take too little?

If you have inadequate levels this can lead to frustration and stress across the business and also lost revenue through network problems and productivity.

Also be weary of lower quality substitutes in the market as these will not provide a sufficient level of nutrients to support the business needs.

The Cloud (Vitamin B) - Increased Energy and Productivity

Without due care and attention, we can find ourselves feeling flat and lethargic, lacking the energy to drive through and get things done. Our business can feel the same way. The traditional model for IT saw businesses invest in hardware that overtime became tired and outdated, this in turn slowed performance and impacted on productivity and profitability. As every good manager knows, improve efficiency and profitability will surely follow. The emergence of Cloud Services, and there continual improvement in speed, security and performance means that no longer do we need to rely on tired and outdated hardware and systems, but can inject new life into the way we work through cloud services including ; Email, CRM, Tools, Office software, Backup and about everything else you can imagine.

Using Cloud regularly also delivers some additional health benefits as cloud tends to be a subscription based model meaning you only pay for what you need to consume. And all of this achieved with monthly Opex investment rather than using large sums of Capex investment as we did in the past.

By using Cloud, we can work anywhere, anytime empowering teams and increasing productivity meaning your business has more energy to deliver what is needed each and every day.

  • Helps Cash flow.
  • Improves wellbeing and productivity.
  • Enhances working.
  • Reduces stress.

Good sources of Vitamin B for Business.

Vitamin B comes in a range of options and flavours to suit all business needs, and is available from all good IT Service Providers:

How much do I need?

  • The amount you should take varies according to your business needs and objectives.
  • It is important to plan to implement the use of the vitamin to ensure the best results.

What happens if I take too little?

If too little is consumed you may find that productivity slows and your efficiency can be impacted. You may also find an increasing costs to the business and heightened stress levels

Looking for more advice?

We hope this blog has got you thinking about how to get your business on track in 2016 and if you would like to talk about the health of your business our team of experts are on hand to review your business. Call us on 020 7099 9384 for your consultation.

Paul Weeden

Written by Paul Weeden

Founder & Managing Director at Foration. IT and technology fixer.

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