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Three reasons why you need an IT support company

Paul Weeden

Written by Paul Weeden

Founder & Managing Director at Foration. IT and technology fixer.

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It is a surprise, how many up and coming businesses don’t see the need to obtain IT support. In a recent survey, 27% of SMEs had no IT support in place, however I personally think the number is a little higher.

Whilst only a subjective opinion, I believe this often is down to the perceived negative view of paying for support, after all isn’t it just an insurance policy that is only useful when things go wrong?

This is not the case, and working with any reputable IT company, delivers businesses so much more. It can delivers a host of services that can deliver real competitive advantage, as well as greater profitability.

If you are one those sitting on the fence, or waiting for something to break, here are three reasons why you need to think about getting a support contract.

1.You need regular network updates and maintenance performed by experts!

Firstly let’s look at your car, chances are you check the tyre pressure, coolant, oil, and probably even take it for a service regularly, why? This reduces the chances of the car breaking, protects warranties and stops car based calamity, having a detrimental impact on your life. Chances are you leave much of this to a qualified technician who has experience with your brand of vehicle.

Apply this same methodology to your business and it makes sense to have IT support.

Don’t wait for the network to break before engaging someone, this way of working will prove costly and impact heavily on your productivity. Any good IT company will undertake maintenance of your network, ensuring it is healthy, stable and secure and ready to adapt to any future technology changes.

We also know from personal computers, that updates to software and hardware are constant, this can be painful and time consuming. Your support company, can take care of all of these for every device on the network. This means all employees have the latest versions and updates applied to their machines helping with security, compliance and management.

You can also receive proactive maintenance and monitoring, identifying and resolving challenges before they even effect you or your staff, minimizing potential problems and keeping you running and generating revenue.

  1. You need to protect your business with managed security

All businesses even small ones, are under constant attack and pressure around data security. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it can’t happen to you, it can and probably will. You also need to be mindful that data and compliance laws apply to all businesses, not just large enterprise and breeches are now being taken very seriously indeed.

A good support company can help you define the IT security you may need. It can help protect your business from inadvertently and unwillingly leaking data or installing malicious software that can impact your business. Support can also also ensure that every machine you run has the latest security patches and antivirus updates installed.

  1. Support delivers more than just fixing things

A well delivered IT strategy, helps you to handle businesses and technology demands in very efficient ways. Your support company can offer advice on technologies that can improve you’re working as well as looking at ways to do more with your current infrastructure. 67% of SME's (1-199 employees) say that tech solutions helped to improve business outcomes.

IT and technology used well, empowers your business and can deliver big enterprise IT to your business. You can also benefit from having regular IT strategy reviews and updates, providing you access a Virtual CTO and a team to support your business plans and growth.

We do understand that cash flow is crucial to any business especially those growing. And having the expense of IT support, when nothing seems to go wrong may seem like a luxury.

However at some point something will go wrong. In a recent study by CA Technologies the cost of downtime to UK business is £2bn per year and around 300,000 hours of lost work. This cost also does not take into account lost reputation, customer dissatisfaction and potential business you may have won if things were working effectively. This is a key reason why all businesses need robust IT support. This will help to minimize risks and to get you back up and running when things go wrong.

The Jury will retire

To sum things up, I would ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Would attempt to fix a system fault on broken Boeing 747 and then fly on it?
  2. Would you feel comfortable performing brain surgery due to a sick consultant?

Chances are you wouldn’t, why? Because you don’t have the expertise, and that is the reason IT support companies exist.

They have the expertise, experience and skills to support, resolve and improve your business technology. If you are one of the 27% that don’t have support, why not take a moment to explore the options available and you may be surprised at the benefits.

Also as afinal thought, what will generate more income for your business, you spending hours fiddling to ensure IT is secure and up to date? Or you using the skills and talents you possess focusing on your business? Answers on a postcard please.

Paul Weeden

Written by Paul Weeden

Founder & Managing Director at Foration. IT and technology fixer.

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