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The unfathomable cost of getting in the FCA’s bad books on data handling issues

Failure to abide by the FCA’s rules on data protection opens up the possibility of being subject to the full range of the Authority’s enforcement powers - the latest details of which can be found here.

10 questions to ask your cloud provider about FCA compliance

While the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have given their approval for companies to outsource their IT and data storage to third party cloud providers, the consent comes with a number of guidelines, issued to ensure that such providers remain compliant.

Three cloud services that can change your business for the better.

Unless you move to the Gobi Desert and live like a biblical hermit, you cannot avoid the word “Cloud”. Whilst we appreciate that it is overused, there just isn’t a better word in the market that describes or conveys the message any better.

Tube strike update: Keep on running!

From time to time, events unfold that have a profound effect upon our working day. Today is such a day, as thousands of commuters (including myself) weave and bob through the crowds trying to squeeze into the correct red bus to get to work? The Tube strike causes chaos, yesterday the streets were bottlenecked, as employees left work early to try and beat the strike. Across the news yesterday, pictures of Oxford Street station highlighting the sheer volume of people, trying to get home before the dispute.

Can the Financial sector afford to ignore the cloud?

Across the Financial sector the debate around using cloud services is continuing, with many differing views. It is not surprising, that in a heavily regulated industry, in which, the guilty are ceremoniously and publicly punished, that fear and being cautious, can be seen as advantageous, and have become ingrained in culture.

Why backup alone is not sufficient

Backup and disaster recovery are terms that are often used interchangeably, yet have very different meanings and implications for business-as-usual.

Foration joins The Datto Advisory Board

We’re delighted to announce that Foration’s Founder and Managing Director, Paul Weeden, has been invited to join The Datto Advisory Board for 2015. Having partnered with Datto for over 2 years, Foration is honoured to have received this exclusive invitation. The board will consist of twenty five members, fifteen from the USA and five from EMEA and Canada.

Disaster recovery checklist

Following our article on Practical Tips to Protect your Business from Downtime featured in New Business, we have prepared a series of questions in the form of checklists to help you start the business continuity conversation within your organisation.

Webinar: Disaster recovery - practical tips for your business

Many firms have been left questioning their business continuity and disaster recovery plans following the Holborn fire last week. With companies unable to access emails, servers or service their clients, the 4 day power cut highlighted the dependency of businesses on their IT systems. So how can you protect your business in future?

4 days without power and no downtime

As the cost to London firms of last week’s Holborn fire grows to £40m+, many companies have been left questioning their business continuity and disaster recovery.

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