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There's no excuse - Vitamins to keep your business healthy

Welcome to 2016 and with the excesses of the festive period behind us, everywhere we turn we are surrounded by the obligatory Holiday, Diet or Health promotions.

Get on Board - The New Digital Economy

Technology and innovation have always driven change, from advances in engineering leading the industrial revolution, to conflict creating innovative medical procedures. It just can’t be stopped. We have all been part of this latest change and we are all continuing to drive it.

Let's "Talk Talk" zombies and how to repel an attack

It seems we are never far away from the next headline about cyber leaks and attacks. With the Sony hack giving up sensitive files, password and even RSA SecurID tokens, and the publishing of Ashley Madison’s customer list, We now have Talk Talk making the headlines with hackers making off with personal and bank details for many customer.

Meet Ted the Trusty IT Guy...

Meet Ted the trusty IT guy… and the lessons we can learn from him

Having worked in the IT industry for a length of time, I have seen a number of companies become unstuck due to their choice of support. Often choosing a friend of a friend who once worked in IT, or the cheapest possible option. Either of these can be a false economy.

Tube strike update: Keep on running!

From time to time, events unfold that have a profound effect upon our working day. Today is such a day, as thousands of commuters (including myself) weave and bob through the crowds trying to squeeze into the correct red bus to get to work? The Tube strike causes chaos, yesterday the streets were bottlenecked, as employees left work early to try and beat the strike. Across the news yesterday, pictures of Oxford Street station highlighting the sheer volume of people, trying to get home before the dispute.

Can the Financial sector afford to ignore the cloud?

Across the Financial sector the debate around using cloud services is continuing, with many differing views. It is not surprising, that in a heavily regulated industry, in which, the guilty are ceremoniously and publicly punished, that fear and being cautious, can be seen as advantageous, and have become ingrained in culture.

Overcoming Cloud security myths

In today’s information driven and fast-paced economy, the Cloud presents a huge opportunity. Cloud computing has grown rapidly over the last few years and is set to continue with 90% of UK businesses expected to use at least one Cloud service by the end of 2015.

Big business IT for small businesses

The competitive landscape for businesses is changing. Large businesses that previously relied on economies of scale and large investments in IT infrastructure as a source of advantage have seen a re-balance in power. Recent developments in technology and Cloud computing have enabled smaller companies to grow their businesses faster and compete against larger businesses. With reduced barriers to entry and minimal capital expenditure, entrepreneurs can now access the latest, leading technology.

Cloud security for financial services

Technology is a key driver of competitive advantage. The cost and flexibility benefits of Cloud computing are well documented and available to all businesses, including those operating within regulated industries, such as financial services.

Drive efficiency and optimise costs through IT

Technology is a powerful driver of competitive advantage. Recognising IT as a strategic function rather than a cost centre is key to unleashing efficiency and productivity. A recent Microsoft survey revealed that 60% of small businesses attribute increased revenue to technology.

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