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3 tips for detecting a CryptoLocker attack

If you’re not already aware, then CryptoLocker is a particularly nasty piece of malware with the potential to cause major disruption and heavy costs to your business.

Not so phishy! The increasingly subtle email attacks exposing human frailties

It might be one of the older forms of cyber-threat, but Phishing is on the increase. The first quarter of the year saw a rise in excess of 200% from the tail-end of the previous year. With cyber-security specialists Mimecast reporting that phishing accounts for 90% of all hacking attacks. It's an alarming rise and cause for concern.

The “digital exterminator's” guide to keeping nasties off your IT network

In this article we’ll look at some of the steps your company should be taking to guard against the inevitable attacks that your network will face from hacking and various malware strains.

Getting malware onto your network is more than just a nuisance. The effects can be devastating; causing downtime and data loss.

The UK rise in natural disasters – survival tips for your business

Cyber attack and data loss through hardware malfunction and/or through human error are all likely to be on your risk radar already. ‘Natural disaster’, by contrast, can often seem like a much more remote threat: something that happens to other people in other places. But it’s worth remembering that just last Christmas, whole swathes of the country were affected some of the worst flooding on record, the cost of which breached the £5bn barrier. What’s more, as climate change takes hold, all the signs point to spells of destructive weather becoming the new normal.

Yes, you are a target! 5 ways to minimise the risks of cyber attack to your business

Businesses need to avoid falling into the trap of assuming that a “cyber attack” is something that only ever happens to other people. The government’s most recent information security breaches survey suggests that 74% of small businesses had experienced a security breach in the previous year. The same study suggests that the average cost of clearing up after a major breach is upwards of £75,000.

Why your mobile is not safe.

So you have just got the latest and greatest mobile phone, only to have the buzz shift a week later to the new model that has just been announced.

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