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The financial cost of truly robust IT security

Statistically, your organisation is likely to be targeted by cyber criminals at some point - and, of course, building the type of environment to protect you against that threat requires financial outlay. So how much should you be spending - and where should resources be allocated?

Fortress You. 5 ways to secure your IT network with confidence

Concerns over network security have long since migrated from the IT department to the boardroom in many companies of all sizes and sectors.

A 2015 report jointly published by NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and Veracode showed that, of 200 directors interviewed, 80% said that cyber-security was a key agenda point for their business. More concerning perhaps, was that 66% suggested a lack of confidence that their networks had adequate protection.

Why your mobile is not safe.

So you have just got the latest and greatest mobile phone, only to have the buzz shift a week later to the new model that has just been announced.

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