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Foration's Tips and Predictions for Compliant IT in 2017

As we approach the end of a year of dramatic change, attention turns to the future. To look at the coming year and what it may hold in store for IT services. Particular attention will be in relation to IT compliance. The need for systems and organisations to operate on the right side of the regulations in an era of data protection and cyber-threats will be more acute than ever.

Is your business and customer data better kept on-site?

Take the marketing hype at face value and you’d be forgiven for thinking that Cloud Data Storage is the “magic solution” for all your data needs. So how much of this is true?

A startup looking to build its infrastructure from scratch or a larger company with an increasingly mobile workforce are just two of the types of business for whom the Cloud might have considerable advantages. But what if your existing on-site provision has served you well so far and you just need an extra boost in capacity? As for your clients, why needlessly provoke security concerns by shifting data off-site if the current way of doing things has worked so far?

3 surprising reasons for encrypting your hard drive

Encryption can be a valuable tool in your data security arsenal, delivering a range of benefits to both individual computers and corporate networks alike. Encryption as a concept has existed for millennia. With the use of codes and cyphers to keep messages hidden used as far back as ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.

Your 5 steps checklist for faster recovery from a data security breach

Statistics from earlier this year give a picture of how long it takes for UK businesses to recover from a disruptive security breach. A third said it took up to a full day for operational recovery to occur, while a small yet still significant minority said it took considerably longer.

The “digital exterminator's” guide to keeping nasties off your IT network

In this article we’ll look at some of the steps your company should be taking to guard against the inevitable attacks that your network will face from hacking and various malware strains.

Getting malware onto your network is more than just a nuisance. The effects can be devastating; causing downtime and data loss.

Why you should care about Ransomware

There’s always a new cyber-threat looming large isn’t there? A new virus or malware with a suitably sinister name, lurking in malicious files, waiting to cause havoc on our systems and grab headlines in the media.

The latest such nasty to make its presence felt, causing chaos and attracting the attention of the news channels, is the threateningly named: Ransomware.

Fortress You. 5 ways to secure your IT network with confidence

Concerns over network security have long since migrated from the IT department to the boardroom in many companies of all sizes and sectors.

A 2015 report jointly published by NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and Veracode showed that, of 200 directors interviewed, 80% said that cyber-security was a key agenda point for their business. More concerning perhaps, was that 66% suggested a lack of confidence that their networks had adequate protection.

The complete guide to retaining data the FCA-compliant way

Regardless of the size or nature of your organisation, if you’re handling, using or storing customer data of any kind then you have a legal obligation to ensure that it’s protected as rigorously as possible. This is the position taken by the Financial Compliance Authority (FCA) and something which all firms need to place high on their agenda when it comes to corporate responsibility.

3 steps to protecting your IT systems and data against the disgruntled employee

Research show that in the majority of cases where a data breach occurs, human error - as opposed to maliciousness - is usually the trigger. A failure to follow procedures and policies, general carelessness and failure to get up to speed on new threats tend to be the main culprits here. But what happens if the action goes beyond a simple mistake?

The UK rise in natural disasters – survival tips for your business

Cyber attack and data loss through hardware malfunction and/or through human error are all likely to be on your risk radar already. ‘Natural disaster’, by contrast, can often seem like a much more remote threat: something that happens to other people in other places. But it’s worth remembering that just last Christmas, whole swathes of the country were affected some of the worst flooding on record, the cost of which breached the £5bn barrier. What’s more, as climate change takes hold, all the signs point to spells of destructive weather becoming the new normal.

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