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How to change your LogMeIn Password

Remote access software such as LogMeIn can be extremely useful in allowing you to connect to a machine from any location. For those of you with experience using this software, you may have come across the following error message when trying to change your LogMeIn password;

Case Alerts through Raspberry Pi

Welcome to our first Labs post on Raspberry Pi.

Our idea was to create something that could alert us to a high priority case in Salesforce, allowing us to assist clients more quickly in the case of an emergency. We considered a number of methods and decided upon Raspberry Pi. If you haven’t heard of it before, Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit- card sized computer.

Email to Post for Chatter

With Salesforce being an integral part of our service delivery, we wanted to use Chatter to communicate both internally and with our clients through a single, integrated medium. The platform has some powerful features, yet lacked a message automation capability, which formed the focus of our latest Labs workshop.

About Labs

Foration was set up with the mission of challenging what IT can do for business. To help us deliver this mission, we set up a company-wide initiative known as 'Labs'.

The 'undo send' button for email - prevent that red face!

So... we've all been there: hastily typing an email; you hit send and then you have a Homer Simpson moment - Doh!

Get rid of duplicate contacts in

Well, it's been a busy few weeks here at Foration towers. I wanted to share with you a recent issue we had with one of our clients.

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