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Could Hailstorm be the next big cyber-threat to business?

When it comes to cyber security, there has always been a strong ‘cat and mouse’ element: with the right help, businesses become better able to protect their data and systems from security threats - so criminals respond to this by trying to find new ways to deliver their payloads. Evidence suggests that the latest threat comes in the form of a spamming technique dubbed “hailstorm”.

Not so Merry!  4 security issues to look out for over Christmas.

Just as many of us are winding down for a well-earned break, this is exactly the time of year when cyber criminals are ramping up their activity.

Last year’s festive holiday season was dubbed “CyberCriminal Christmas” as online fraud attempts spiked between November and January. But it’s not just retailers that need to be wary; businesses of all types need to be wary of letting their guard down.

3 tips for detecting a CryptoLocker attack

If you’re not already aware, then CryptoLocker is a particularly nasty piece of malware with the potential to cause major disruption and heavy costs to your business.

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