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3 ways to blow up the chances of email spam in Office 365

Email is a point of vulnerability for an IT network.  A primary method for attacking. Phishing and spear-phishing messages designed to catch the user off-guard and deliver routes into the system for hackers, malicious files, and ransomware. All designed to create havoc, harm and untold cost to your organisation.

3 IT products and services the FCA loves

For specific IT products, it’s not the FCA’s practice to hand out official endorsements. As such, (and rather unfortunately,) there isn’t a ‘stamp of approval’ to look for when shopping around for tech solutions.

But of course, the issue of FCA needs to be a top priority when making those decisions. In a whole range of areas, from storing call records, through to managing relationships with clients, the correct approach involves considering carefully what the specific regulations say, and choosing a product that will keep you on the right side of those rules.

Cloud services for regulated industries in a post Brexit world

In response to 2015 piece on Office 365 compliance in regulated industries, we've prepared this article to update you on the FCA's latest guidance (approval) of Cloud services and what you also need consider post Brexit.

In this article we cover what the FCA recently announced and more importanlty highlight the considerations your business needs to make when evaluating Cloud services.  Cloud computing can deliver significant cost, flexibility and performance benefits which will help you tackle the uncertainty ahead.

Is Office365 FCA-compliant?

The most recent Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines, published in November 2015 highlights specific criteria that needs to be met by financially regulated companies who are migrating their IT systems to the cloud, in whole or in part.

The authority make clear they allow for the use of cloud-based services, including public services such as Office 365, saying:

"We see no fundamental reason why cloud services (including public cloud services) cannot be implemented"

Offices without walls – How having the right solutions prevents disaster and empowers your workforce

Perhaps you’re an up-and-coming startup looking to make your funds go further. Or maybe you’re looking to scale up your business without necessarily increasing property costs. In both cases, having the right technology in place could enable you to cut back on physical office space - and perhaps even make it possible to ditch bricks and mortar altogether.

Three cloud services that can change your business for the better.

Unless you move to the Gobi Desert and live like a biblical hermit, you cannot avoid the word “Cloud”. Whilst we appreciate that it is overused, there just isn’t a better word in the market that describes or conveys the message any better.

Tube strike update: Keep on running!

From time to time, events unfold that have a profound effect upon our working day. Today is such a day, as thousands of commuters (including myself) weave and bob through the crowds trying to squeeze into the correct red bus to get to work? The Tube strike causes chaos, yesterday the streets were bottlenecked, as employees left work early to try and beat the strike. Across the news yesterday, pictures of Oxford Street station highlighting the sheer volume of people, trying to get home before the dispute.

Office 365 compliance in regulated industries

Firms working within regulated industries, such as solicitor practices and financial services, are subject to strict regulatory standards. These standards extend across all aspects of business, including technology. Regulatory bodies, such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority, impose strict requirements around the management, processing and security of client data. Despite common misconceptions, these requirements do not preclude the use of Cloud based technologies.

In response to Brexit, we've published some update guidance for regulated business, that suppliments this article.  Please see the link at the bottom of this article for more information.

Email Failure! How to protect your business - Webinar

Email has become the single most important form of business communication. Whilst the tool is extremely powerful, it also presents a risk to your business when not managed correctly.

Increase productivity through flexible working

Cloud computing is the ultimate enabler of flexible working. With emails and documents available online, you can work from almost any device, anywhere. But what does this really mean for your business?

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