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What is "Microsoft Teams" for Office 365?

We’ve recently witnessed the rollout of Microsoft Teams - a new chat-based collaboration tool, fully integrated within the Office ecosystem. But as you’ll have noticed, work-focused chat tools are hardly a new phenomenon - so why does this offering deserve special attention? We put Microsoft Teams under the spotlight…

Offices without walls – How having the right solutions prevents disaster and empowers your workforce

Perhaps you’re an up-and-coming startup looking to make your funds go further. Or maybe you’re looking to scale up your business without necessarily increasing property costs. In both cases, having the right technology in place could enable you to cut back on physical office space - and perhaps even make it possible to ditch bricks and mortar altogether.

7 ways technology can help maintain productivity when sickness hits the workforce.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that around 131 million working days are lost each year due to sickness absence. Meanwhile, a survey of CBI members shows that 72% of business owners report that sickness absence has a negative effect on performance and productivity.

Three cloud services that can change your business for the better.

Unless you move to the Gobi Desert and live like a biblical hermit, you cannot avoid the word “Cloud”. Whilst we appreciate that it is overused, there just isn’t a better word in the market that describes or conveys the message any better.

There's no excuse - Vitamins to keep your business healthy

Welcome to 2016 and with the excesses of the festive period behind us, everywhere we turn we are surrounded by the obligatory Holiday, Diet or Health promotions.

3 Technology needs for SMB's in 2016

We want to ease you back into the New Year gently, and have collated three key things you may want to think about for the coming year.

Get on Board - The New Digital Economy

Technology and innovation have always driven change, from advances in engineering leading the industrial revolution, to conflict creating innovative medical procedures. It just can’t be stopped. We have all been part of this latest change and we are all continuing to drive it.

Get organised - 5 tips for your working day

Running a business or managing teams can be challenging and time consuming. Business leaders are always keen to enhance productivity, efficiency and communication which can all help to drive profits. However a common obstacle to success can be disorganisation, and this isn’t just at an individual level, it’s can also be hindered by systems and processes.

Meet Ted the Trusty IT Guy...

Meet Ted the trusty IT guy… and the lessons we can learn from him

Having worked in the IT industry for a length of time, I have seen a number of companies become unstuck due to their choice of support. Often choosing a friend of a friend who once worked in IT, or the cheapest possible option. Either of these can be a false economy.

Data Protection in 8 Steps

Have you ever encountered a sales person who travels from place to place with a pre-built list of potential contacts on a USB stick? or ever heard a story of confidential information being thrown out in bin bags? Chances are you have encountered both. Data protection is a hot topic, our personal information is required for more and more reasons, from social sites to gaming, insurance quotes to medical assistance. The EU and UK Government are taking a tougher stance on ensuring companies comply with data breaches with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) dishing out fines and punishments.

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