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Prepare or repare? The risks and costs of cyber-attack compared

For any new service provider or proposed systems update, there’s one important question to consider: will the changes on the table bring added value to the business? Cyber security measures are no exception to this rule.

What risks are you faced with? What are the likely costs of being hit by a breach? How do the costs of prevention stack up against the cost of clear-up? We take a look…

Why you should care about Ransomware

There’s always a new cyber-threat looming large isn’t there? A new virus or malware with a suitably sinister name, lurking in malicious files, waiting to cause havoc on our systems and grab headlines in the media.

The latest such nasty to make its presence felt, causing chaos and attracting the attention of the news channels, is the threateningly named: Ransomware.

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