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3 ways that phishing will evolve in 2017

The rise in spear-phishing as a means to deliver potentially devastating malware to businesses has been one of the more troubling trends in cyber-security over the past year. And it’s a trend that looks likely to continue. Although, as experience tells us, these types of threats tend not to stand still, ever evolving to maintain it's capability to cause chaos.

Three cloud services that can change your business for the better.

Unless you move to the Gobi Desert and live like a biblical hermit, you cannot avoid the word “Cloud”. Whilst we appreciate that it is overused, there just isn’t a better word in the market that describes or conveys the message any better.

There's no excuse - Vitamins to keep your business healthy

Welcome to 2016 and with the excesses of the festive period behind us, everywhere we turn we are surrounded by the obligatory Holiday, Diet or Health promotions.

3 Technology needs for SMB's in 2016

We want to ease you back into the New Year gently, and have collated three key things you may want to think about for the coming year.

Let's "Talk Talk" zombies and how to repel an attack

It seems we are never far away from the next headline about cyber leaks and attacks. With the Sony hack giving up sensitive files, password and even RSA SecurID tokens, and the publishing of Ashley Madison’s customer list, We now have Talk Talk making the headlines with hackers making off with personal and bank details for many customer.

What email security really needs to deliver.

Although they do vary slightly, the statistics around email never fail to amaze me. It is reported that 182.9 billion emails are sent and received every day. With around 7.4bn people on Earth, that equates to around 25 daily emails a day for every person on the planet. It’s no surprise then, that email seems like the logical gateway to exploit and attack technology and businesses.

Data Protection in 8 Steps

Have you ever encountered a sales person who travels from place to place with a pre-built list of potential contacts on a USB stick? or ever heard a story of confidential information being thrown out in bin bags? Chances are you have encountered both. Data protection is a hot topic, our personal information is required for more and more reasons, from social sites to gaming, insurance quotes to medical assistance. The EU and UK Government are taking a tougher stance on ensuring companies comply with data breaches with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) dishing out fines and punishments.

Can the Financial sector afford to ignore the cloud?

Across the Financial sector the debate around using cloud services is continuing, with many differing views. It is not surprising, that in a heavily regulated industry, in which, the guilty are ceremoniously and publicly punished, that fear and being cautious, can be seen as advantageous, and have become ingrained in culture.

Overcoming Cloud security myths

In today’s information driven and fast-paced economy, the Cloud presents a huge opportunity. Cloud computing has grown rapidly over the last few years and is set to continue with 90% of UK businesses expected to use at least one Cloud service by the end of 2015.

Top tips for improving your password security

Your systems are only as secure as their weakest link. Typically this is a person’s username and password.

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