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Agility in mobility: The rise of BYOD

Using your mobile to access company data has become the norm. You may even be reading this post on your mobile or tablet.

Could managed security be the answer to your cyber threats?

With the growing range and frequency of cyber-attacks, the cost to businesses is rising.

Cloud security for financial services

Technology is a key driver of competitive advantage. The cost and flexibility benefits of Cloud computing are well documented and available to all businesses, including those operating within regulated industries, such as financial services.

Why outdated technology costs you money

Technology that is out of date can prove costly, leaving your business vulnerable to security risks and prone to downtime. Microsoft ended its support of a number of services last year and with only 6 months until the end of Windows Server 2003, we highlight some of the key considerations for your business below.

Risks of using outdated technology - Infographic

With Microsoft ending its support for a number of services last year, and with Windows Server 2003 support due to end this July, we discuss the key implications for your business.

Protecting your data from employee theft

IT security is largely discussed in relation to external threats from cyber-attacks and hackers. In reality, these threats may come from closer sources, such as your employees. As the economy grows and more employees break away to set up their own ventures or work for competitors, how can you ensure your client database is protected?

IT checklist for leavers

Once an employee has agreed to leave an organisation, there are a number of formalities that need to be followed. Usually these cover HR and contractual matters, such as agreeing notice periods and finalising hand-over arrangements. Equally important however are IT processes that ensure company property is returned, email accounts suspended and IT access revoked. Without these processes, company data could be placed at risk.

Seminar: Protecting your business interests

Foration is delighted to have been asked to present at the forthcoming seminar arranged by Gordon Turner Employment Lawyers on 11th December 2014. The 2 hour session will address how to go about protecting your business interests against unfair competition by employees.

All you need to know about spear phishing

With the growing range of security threats and data breaches, protecting your business has never been more important. As cyber threats become more sophisticated, we discuss the recent rise in spear phishing attacks.

Dispelling the perception of security in the Cloud

Often regulated businesses view Cloud Security and Cloud Compliance as a paradox, but they don't need to. Cloud technology can be a key driver of competitive advantage whilst lowering costs and keeping you compliant. Key considerations include:

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