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Why it’s time to move your hardware to a subscription model

Today everything is on subscription, both in your personal life and in business.  From your Spotify and Netflix accounts through to your Xero accounting software and Microsoft products, so why are your computers the only item in your accounts that causes significant dips in your cashflow?

It’s time to move away from the traditional model of having to invest significant amounts every few years to upgrade your computers!  This model is seriously flawed and outdated, and often the reason that businesses put up with old, slow devices that aren’t fit for purpose.

What if you could spread the cost of upgrading, for less than you pay for your office to be cleaned each day, and ensure that your team is always equipped with the latest hardware?

Spreading the cost allows you to better manage your cashflow and avoid surprises throughout the year.  The other upside from a financial perspective is that you are able to create a realistic budget as the spend is fixed and transparent.  The regular, planned upgrades of the hardware mean that you avoid downtime due to devices that are no longer running at optimal speed.

Research conducted by Warranty Master found that employees using old slow hardware reduces productivity by approximately 5.5 days a year.  This is not an insignificant amount of time and the frustration that is felt by the employees can affect how they feel about their job each day. 

Creating Diversity: Women in Tech

I recently attended the DattoCon18 event in Barcelona.  It was a huge event over three days and offered a range of learning opportunities, as well as the chance to network with business leaders in the industry from around the globe.  I heard from several speakers on all areas of business management and the keynotes were so inspiring, I can see why so many people attend both the European and US events.

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