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Posted on 2 May 2014 by Paul Weeden

Foration was set up with the mission of challenging what IT can do for business. To help us deliver this mission, we set up a company-wide initiative known as 'Labs'.

What happens in Labs?

Every fortnight, each member of the team takes half a day to investigate new developments in IT. The aim is to develop new systems, processes or technologies that could benefit us or our clients.

The team has 3 months to work on their projects, after which their ideas are refined and any relevant findings passed on to our clients.

Many of Foration’s most significant leaps have been a direct result of the work performed in a Labs project.

The Labs process is simple.

Step 1 A member of the team identifies a topic and presents it to the rest of the team for endorsement.

Step 2 Through collaborative teamwork, the idea is developed, examined and put forward for approval.

Step 3 Once approved, the idea is worked on for a period of 3 months, with regular updates to the team.

Step 4 On completion, the findings are presented and passed through a series of quality checks to ascertain how effective they will be.

Step 5 Projects approved for implementation undergo the necessary steps for incorporation within Foration's service range.

Visit our Labs page to keep up to date with recent developments.


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