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Supporting Regulated Entities

Ensuring that your business is compliant, whilst taking advantages of the latest systems and technologies, can be a delicate balancing act. Add into the mix the on-going challenge of businesses to boost productivity and reduce costs, and the task appears even more daunting.

The FCA and ICO have reams of guidance and regulations, and contrary to popular belief, none of which explicitly advises against the use of outsourced IT support or cloud services, such as Office 365. 

Instead, the regulators simply require that the business understands each service provider’s role and that all practical steps are taken to mitigate the risks to the business. 

Through 9 years of delivering IT support services to regulated businesses in London, Foration has developed a portfolio of products that allow our customers to remain secure, agile and compliant.

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Regulated Portfolio

The key benefits of the services we deliver to our regulated IT client portfolio are listed below:

  • Rapid response assured with Helpdesk support available 24x7.
  • More choice and flexibility with UK, EU and offshore location options for hosting your data.
  • Choose from 30 global locations for server hosting.
  • Highly resilient Internet connectivity for maximum uptime.
  • Integrated business continuity services, enabling complete recovery of all systems in under 1 hour.
  • Better protection with Enterprise grade security: 2FA, Single-Sign-On, Application Signature Management and more.
  • Complete, documented, supply chain visibility and inter-dependencies.
  • Allow staff to access a common toolset, using standardised system images across the organisation.
  • Protect against the very real and growing threat of cyber-attacks, with advanced Ransomware, Phishing and Email protection.

All of these services are deployed and overseen by our team of London based certified* engineers, with remote and on-site support available.

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Why Foration?

In 2007 our founding vision was to make enterprise technology accessible to smaller businesses and deliver a great customer experience. Roll the clock forward and this goal is still as important today as it was in 2007. 

With the ever increasing threat of cyber-attack, budgetary constraints, user expectations and regulatory pressures, the need to closely align IT and the business to deliver maximum results has never been more important.

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