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Service Overview

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Additional Services

In addition to the above packages, we can also provide the following:


  • Scheduled on-site vists to provide additional or VIP cover when required
  • Fibre Internet connectivity, with integrated backup
  • Wireless & 4G connectivity
  • Hosted, virtual, dedicated servers in 18 data centres globally
  • Fully managed, disaster recovery and backup services
  • IT policy and procedures
  • Backup for Office 365, OneDrive and SharePoint Online
  • Slack
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About the Services

Full details on what we deliver to you as part of our managed services.

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IT Department as a Service

We want our service to be better than having an in-house IT team.  To that end, you'll work with a dedicated account manager who will provide you with in-depth weekly service reports as well as monthly calls and quarterly review meetings.

We also can manage a range of other IT related tasks, that would traditionally be carried out internally.  These include:

  • Procurement and fufilment of hardware, as well as onsite setup and installation.
  • Fully managed joiners process, including onsite or remote inductions.
  • Fully managed leavers process, including data backup and archiving.
  • System imaging and management, ensuring the rapid deployment of fully configured and compatible machines to support growth.
  • Provisioning of new systems and services.
  • Direct liaison with 3rd party suppliers on your behalf.

All of these services are also accessible through our support portal, which provides you with complete visibility into the status and history of every activity and task.

These services are included in all our packages at no extra cost.

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Helpdesk Support

Included as standard, is unlimited support from our central London based support team, who are available to assist you with any issue during the hours of 7am - 7pm Monday to Friday.

We operate a 'Direct to Tech' model that ensures you get straight through to an engineer, no call handlers or technical receptionists.

If an issue needs an onsite engineer one can be dispatched to you rapidly.  We offer bespoke onsite support options up to and including providing permanent onsite resources.

You can also review or update the status of any request via your dedicated support portal.

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Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

In addition to being on hand to help if problems arise, we also carry out extensive monitoring of your sytems.

We aim to identify and resolve performance issues or security vulnerabilities before they have an impact on your business.

All of the alerts are recorded in our management systems and are accessible for you to review via our support portal.

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Office 365 from Microsoft

As part of our Managed Services you can either bring your existing email system, or if you prefer you'll have access to a business class email and collaboration platform: Office 365.

As part of the services you'll get:

  • 50GB of email storage
  • Shared calendars
  • Microsoft Office for Mac, PC, iOS and Android (5 licences for each subscription)
  • Skype for Business for internal instant messaging
  • and more... 

If you'd prefer to retain your current email system (BYOE), we can support that too.

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Personal File Protection

Whilst we always recommend your team save documents in the central file store, we know that sometimes people save their data in 'My Documents', which means critical data is often not protected.

Included as part of our service is protection for all data stored within 'My Documents' and 'Desktop'.  

The added benefit of this service, is that when working remotely, your team can login to the secure portal to access the files on their computer - even if their computer is turned off!

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Core System Security

Ensuring system and data security in today’s connected and regulated world is vitally important. Historically a username, password and up to date anti-virus were sufficient protection from the vast majority of attacks and data loss.

Today’s attackers are more sophisticated and as a result the counter-measures we deploy to protect your systems and data are too.

The key features of Foration’s secure managed services are listed below, each one adding an additional layer of protection:

  • Multi Form Factor Authentication (2FA/MFA): Adding the use of one time passcodes when accessing sensitive systems remotely.
  • Application Signature Management: Ensures that only your pre-approved, authorised, digitally signed applications are able to operate within the environment, helping reduce the likelihood of Zero Day exploitation and Ransomware infections.
  • Data Encryption: Protecting communication channels and data stored on laptops.
  • USB Media: Preventing the leak of data and system attacks through the optional restriction of USB sticks.
  • System Patching: Testing and deploying security patches and critical updates to protect systems and services from compromise.
  • Principle of least privilege: Ensuring that system and data access is tightly controlled and limited to the level of access required to perform their functions.
  • Managed Antivirus: Each device is protected by Webroot's Secure Anywhere platform.
  • Managed Antimalware: In addition to Webroot each device is protected by Malwarebytes, the leader in malware protection.
  • Managed Firewall & Network Intrustion Protection: Each site we support is also protected by dedicated hardened firewalls, ensuring we can identify and respond to any performance or security issues rapidly and efficiently.

For more advanced security and protection, you may be interested in our 'Advanced Security' package.

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Managed Email Security

Did you know that 93% of all attacks start via email?

SPAM, CEO Fraud, Ransomware and Phishing Attacks are all threats a business faces on a daily basis.

To protect your business from compromise and the potential for reputational damage Mimecast's Email Security and Targeted Threat Protection is included as part of the service.

This helps to minimise the likelihood of malicious emails or attachments making their way into your system and causing loss or downtime.

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Domain Name Registration & Hosting

Your domain name is your company's address online and to to ensure you are always accessible, we manage and protect this critical resource.

This service includes the standard annual renewal fee.

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Company App Store

Getting 'IT' to buy and install new apps to your system is often a time consuming and expensive process.  To help reduce the deployment times and costs, we provide you with a personalised Company App Store.  

From the App Store you can provide your entire company with the ability to download and install pre-approved applications without the need for any IT involvement.

This reduces operational costs and simplifies the whole software licence asset management process too.  Only approved, licenced apps can run on your systems, reducing the likelihood of license compliance issues.

The App Store helps with some of the following scenarios.

  • Marketing needs to download Adobe PhotoShop for project?
  • Operations needs Microsoft Visio to visualise some processes?
  • Sales needs a copy of Microsoft Project to approve a project plan?

With the App Store, your team can download and install the apps they need for as long as they need them and you only pay for the software whilst they are using it.

No longer do you need to buy expensive annual or perpetual licences for software, just subscribe and PAYG.

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Advanced Security

For those organisations who require more advanced levels of security, we can deliver:

  • Advanced MFA: Delivering greater controls as to when the secondary factor is required.
  • Advanced Threat Analytics: Machine learning and behavioural analytics to identify, notify and isolate suspicious user activity.
  • Cloud App Discovery: We can help you identify the unapproved Cloud services your employees could be using, that could leave your company or data exposed.
  • Mobile Device Management: Safeguarding company data on mobile devices, ensuring you have complete control over your information assets.
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Email Archiving

With the vast majority of transactions and communication taking place over email, ensuring you have an accurate and searchable record of all correspondence is vital.

Whilst backup systems are great for recovering information, they don't allow organisations to conduct searches across multiple mailboxes for a particular phrase or theme.

Archiving allows organisations to conduct company wide searches and retrieve a full copy of all correspondence, even if the original email has been deleted. This is invaluable in disputes, litigation and internal HR investigations.

To protect your business and ensure you have a complete, searchable, picture of all email correspondence, whether internal or external, we include Mimecast's Email Archiving as part of the service.

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Managed Networking

Your internal network's performance is vitial for ensuring you have fast, reliable access to your services.

Included as part of the service is fully managed switches and wireless network which delivers fast, secure, reliable network and wifi connectivity throughout your office.

Additionally, included as part of the service is the ability to provide multiple, fully segregated, high performance wireless networks.  This allows you to provide secure networking throughout the office to visitors. 

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24x7 Support

If you're a global business or have teams working outside of 'normal' working hours, we have a team of UK based engineers who can help you whenever you need it.

All our 24x7 services are customised to meet the needs of your business. Please get in touch to find out how we can help you.


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Why Foration?

In 2007 our founding vision was to make enterprise technology accessible to smaller businesses and deliver a great customer experience. Roll the clock forward and this goal is still as important today as it was in 2007. 

With the ever increasing threat of cyber-attack, budgetary constraints, user expectations and regulatory pressures, the need to closely align IT and the business to deliver maximum results has never been more important.

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